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​​Tweaking Air Intake GY6 Motor

Air Intake SYSTEM

Due to EPA emissions regulations and mandatory equipment installed on your scooter, the air intake of your GY6 Motor may need to be "Tweaked". 

Depending on many factors, the engine may need "more" or "less" air flowing into your carburetor to make it run correctly. We sometimes attach a small piece of tape on the "Air Intake Cap" to restrict some of the airflow into your carburetor. (The cap can be easily removed with your thumbnail or a short screwdriver)

Sometimes this piece of tape will need to be decreased or removed all together as your scooter becomes "broken in". Sometimes you may need a bit "more" tape to help regulate the air flow/fuel mixture.

Scooters have individual personalities like people or pets!

You could line up 20 identical new scooters and race them for 1 mile with identical weight riders and one scooter would come in first. One scooter would place 20th and all other scooters would be in between.

There are a lot of factors in play in the race but most important are:

  • Air flow and gas mixtures
  • Air pressure in tires

​40 lbs of pressure seems to be good for the tires. I am still working on the formula for the correct size piece of tape ;-)

A fly may have gotten trapped in the mold as they poured the metal for your engine and could be the reason your scooter is faster than your friends scooter ;-)


Replacing your scooter drive belt

This guy shows the easiest way to replace your belt on a gy6 motor


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Remote Start with theft alarm

We sell them for the same price and $10 installation also!

Oil Change Scooter (Use 22 oz - 10w40 or 15w40)

Scooter Carburetor Idle Adjustment

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