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State of Georgia official code for Scooters & Mopeds and "Low Speed Vehicles"

The down and dirty answers...

  • YES! You must be at least 15 years old and have a learners permit or you must be older and have a valid drivers license to operate a "50cc or less" moped / scooter in Georgia. A helmet is required!
  • Any Scooter/Moped OVER 50cc is considered a motorcycle in the eyes of the Georgia Lawmakers.
  • Mopeds / Scooters 50cc and under require NO TAG and NO INSURANCE and DO Not need to be registered with the state of Georgia. A helmet is required!
  • Any moped / scooter over 50cc requires you have a motorcycle license, title, a tag, minimum of liability insurance. Plus you must wear a helmet at all times when riding any scooter/moped or motorcycle on public roads in Georgia.
  • 50cc or less Scooters / Mopeds are legal on any road where there is no sign posted "MINIMUM SPEED 35 MPH".
  • This is not to be confused with "Speed Limit".  You never want to exceed the "speed limit" on any vehicle!
  • You are not allowed or welcome on any interstate highways! Stay off.
  • Plus if you are going up a hill and you are "impeding the flow of traffic", pull over and let the faster drivers go by.


Laws vary by state for licensing and registration of mopeds/scooters.

Some states require a motorcycle license, tag and insurance for any motor driven bike or three wheeler ridden on public roads. 

Most scooters and mopeds are  lettered as 50cc but are usually about 49.6 cubic centimeters in actual displacement. This is the design of the GY6 engine used on many of the Chinese imported scooters in the US today.


They are referred to as "49cc" mopeds usually by people wanting everyone to be aware that they are "street legal" without a tag.

As you can see in the Georgia Code, any Scooter / Moped 50cc or below is included in the same category. 

Click here to see the actual State of Georgia - Department of Public Safety written code for low speed vehicles.

The registration and licensing information for 50cc and under Mopeds | Scooters is located in this link from the Georgia Department of Driver Services.


"Licensing" in the above link refers to licensing of the "vehicle", not the person riding the vehicle.